Earth Juice offers a diverse selection of premium fertilizer products to meet the nutritional demands of all plants.


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  • Earth Juice Big Bloomin’

    Natural fertilizer that will encourage increased yields of flowers, fruit, essential oils and fragrances. Can be use by itself or together with other fertilizers.

  • Earth Juice Primal Harvest

    To experience awesome yields, feed your plants the legendary Primal Harvest.

  • Earth Juice SeaBlast Grow

    SeaBlast Grow is a vegetative plant food that when used, will promote the development of sturdy stems and lush leaf growth.

  • Earth Juice SeaBlast Transition

    Use to promote stem and leaf growth while supporting the development of buds and blooms.

  • Earth Juice Bloom Original Formula

    Encourage a rich development of flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as aid in the creation of essential oils, resins and fragrances.

  • Earth Juice SeaBlast Bloom

    Plant food containing seaweed, rock phosphate, steamed bone meal and micro-nutrients that enhances buds and blooms.

  • Earth Juice Meta-K

    To correct potassium deficiencies or when there is a need for additional potassium. Meta-K will help improve: drought resistance, nutrient assimilation and the plant’s ability to support higher yields.

  • Earth Juice Elements Grow

    High nitrogen fertilizer formula developed to encourage vigorous and lush stem & leaf growth.