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Hydroponic Gardening Basics

These hydroponic gardening basics can help you understand your options and successfully go hydro.

Topping and Training for Higher Yields

By understanding how training and topping works, you can train your way to maximum yields.

How and Why to Lower or Raise Soil pH

Understanding pH basics can help you achieve peak plant performance and exceptional harvests in soil gardens and hydroponics.

How to Optimize Plant Growth at Every Stage

By understanding the six stages of plant growth, you can meet your garden's nutrient needs at every stage — and enjoy bigger, better harvests for your efforts.

How to Identify and Correct Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

By understanding nutrient deficiencies and their signs, you can correct and prevent nutrient problems and keep your garden performing at its peak.

How and Why to Brew Compost Plant Teas

If you know someone who occasionally enjoys a cup of tea fortified with vitamins or medicinal herbs, you'll appreciate the analogy of teas created for your plants.