Earth Juice Sugar Peak Transition

N2.70% -P3.10% -K2.70%

Sugar Peak Transition is horticulturally engineered to promote vigorous stem and leaf growth, encourage the development of buds and blooms, and the production of oily resins and fragrances of flowers and herbs. It is a plant food that effectively aids the plant's transition from stem and leaf growth into the budding and flowering stage. The Sugar Peak line contains pure sugar cane molasses and eliminates the need for any carbohydrate supplements.

  • Generally recommended to start using Sugar Peak Transition 1-3 weeks prior to budding. Continue using through the first 1 – 3 weeks of flowering
  • Earth Juice Sugar Peak Transition is formulated to be used on indoor or outdoor plants in soil and hydroponic systems

Sugar Peak’s exclusive-proprietary liquid formulations are the ideal choice for both the hobbyist and professional who demand premium results without the hassle and mess of mixing together multiple bottles to produce a single feeding solution. Sugar Peak’s one part, one bottle formulations require no extra additives.

Feeding Charts are available in the Support section of this website.

Sugar Peak formulas: Vegetative · Transition · Flowering · Grand Finale

Available Sizes:

1 Quart | 1 Gallon | 2.5 gallon | 5 gallon | 55 gallon | 265 Gallon

265 Gallon totes are available by special request.

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