Earth Juice Elements Bloom

N0.00% – P16.00% – K16.00%

Elements Bloom is a high phosphorous formula developed to help promote budding, flowering and the production of essential oils and fragrances of flowers and herbs. May also be used as a bloom booster or as part of the Elements Total Solution. For use in planting mixes, coco-coir and native soils and formulated to be used on indoor or outdoor plants. May be applied via hand-feeding and hydroponic systems. See Charts: Elements.

Earth Juice Elements 4- Part Nutrient System.
The most versatile nutrient system available:

  • Allows for the most Customization
  • Used as Super Boosters
  • Extremely Concentrated


Each of the 4 formulas can be used together to produce a complete nutrient solution, may be used individually or used as Boosters.

Each formula is super concentrated with lowest use rates for liquids.

Elements formulas: Grow · Bloom · Cal-n-Mag · Micro

Available Sizes:

1 Quart | 1 Gallon | 2.5 gallon | 5 gallon | 55 gallon | 265 gallon

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