Earth Juice Sugar Peak Briximus Maximus

N0.00% – P0.01% – K 0.20%

Sugar Peak Briximus Maximus is a unique and effective finishing and ripening foliar feed designed for determinate flowering and fruiting plants. Regular foliar applications of Briximus Maximus will aid the uptake of those all important nutrient elements that are considered essential in helping to promote primo yields of flowers and fruits.

  • May use Briximus Maximus in conjunction with all Earth Juice and other plant fertilizers.
  • Generally recommended to start using Briximus Maximus around 21 days prior to harvest.
  • Formulated to be used on indoor or outdoor plants in soil and hydroponic systems.

Feeding Charts are available in the Support section of this website.

Sugar Peak formulas: Vegetative · Transition · Flowering · Grand Finale · Briximus Maximus

Available Sizes:

1 Quart | 1 Gallon

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Feeding Charts

Earth Juice Sugar Peak feeding chart

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